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Quickly Launch Applications In Windows With JetStart

Is your Start Menu or Quick Launch bar cluttered with application shortcuts? JetStart is an awesome tool that offers a quick access with categorized Start Menu shortcuts, recently launched programs and system commands. It allows multiple ways to access your applications by categorizing them into five generic categories, either by selecting items from a recently used list or newly added programs or simply search them by keyword etc.


JetStart offers plenty of features to simplify the way you launch your application by offering a Toolbar that allows you to quickly access any Windows application and also let you organize shortcuts with drag and drop functionality.

JetStart toolbar

You can launch multiple programs at once or activate programs even by assigning special hot keys and drag files from Toolbar to Desktop easily. You can also re-order buttons on your Taskbar, it lets you simply drag and drop any Taskbar button to the new location with your mouse.

record button

With more advanced Pro version you can have additional benefits of adding your own categories, controlling auto started application, activating toolbar by holding down both mouse buttons, and you also get to have free updates and priority support but it comes with a price.

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