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Quickly Switch Network Settings With NetCon Manager

NetCon Manager is a simple utility which lets user create multiple profiles to carry different network settings. It comes useful in instances when you are required to use specific type of network setting with different IP address, gateway, and especially DNS server address. It allows you to create profile on-the-go without having to change the settings manually, which is a bit tiring. You can instantly switch to other profile having specified network settings and create as many profiles as desired.

It offers a user-friendly interface. As far as working is concerned it is quite effective, after creating a new profile you’d need to specify IP Address (Internal), Subnet Mask (in most cases it is;, Default Gateway, and Primary & Secondary DNS server address. Once all requirements are full-filled, you can check the settings before saving the profile by clicking Change Network Settings button at the lower part of the window. If the settings are correct, save the profile to load it anytime you want. You can create as many profiles as you want.

NetCon Manager 1.5

Apart from switching profiles, you can also clear the DNS servers to re-configure DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), clear all DHCP fields for editing, and Clear IP/Subnet/Gateway fields by clicking appropriate buttons. You can start the application with Windows logon and configure other settings under its configuration window.

The application provides a simple functionality that enables users to instantly switch to other specified network settings.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download NetCon Manager


  1. My anti virus software flagged this, as well :-
    So… is it a trojan horse? Are you guys helping to spread viruses?

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