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Quickly Switch To Related Code Or Design File In Visual Studio 2010 [Add-in]

You may know that Visual Studio Solution Explorer not only loads the all the projects in a solution, but also design, code and other related files of the project, allowing you to quickly navigate and open the required file in editor. Opening related files in Visual Studio editor becomes quite tedious, especially when you’re dealing with multiple individual code files and projects. Wouldn’t it be better if you could easily open related files without having to find them from Solution Explorer? Switch is a small add-in for both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 that lets you switch between related files of current code/design file opened in Visual Studio editor, with a click. The add-in comes without any settings or configuration console. It supports switching between CPP and H (header) files, WinForms Designer and C# Code, and XAML and its code files. Read past the jump for more.

The extension is developed to help you quickly switch between related files without having to open them from Solution Explorer. Before you install the extension, make sure the Visual Studio is not running in background. The installation wizards asks you choose Visual Studio version – 2008 or 2010. Just specify the version to install the extension.

Once installed, it adds a Switch command button on toolbar, allowing you open related files. You can also access the Switch command from Tools menu.

switch 2

If it fails to add Switch command to toolbar, you can manually select the toolbar where it’s to be added. Just open Customize dialog from Tools menu, and navigate to Commands.  Now, select Toolbar, choose Standard, and then click Add Command. This will open Add Command dialog, asking you to specify the command you want to add to Standard toolbar. Now, select Addins from Categories, and then pick Switch command. Clicking OK will add the command to Standard toolbar.

add command

Once added, clicking Switch will immediately open the related file in editor. As of this writing, it supports only aforementioned file types, and doesn’t work with any other files including Visual basic code files.


Switch certainly provides a better, yet simple, way to open related code files. If you often deal with a multitude of project files, this add-in will save you from hassle of moving to Solution Explorer and opening related files. It works on Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010.

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