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HostsEditor: Quickly Toggle Mapped Domains On/Off In Windows Hosts

Windows Hosts file is used to map domain names with their IP addresses to instantly access the most frequently visited websites, network locations and also to block potentially harmful remote locations. Hosts file works just like your ISP provided DNS server. The only difference is that Hosts file lets you create list of domain names and make amendments to mapped locations. The hosts file can be easily edited using any text editor but Windows doesn’t provide any tool to manage the mapped domain names. For instance, it requires you to manually enter the domains, modify the IPs, etc. Moreover, users often find it hard to quickly toggle mapped locations On or Off. HostsEditor is an application to add new nodes to hosts file without having to manually edit them.

When launched, it reads your current hosts file and insert toggles with edit option to instantly turn mapped locations on/off and to edit both domain name and IP, respectively. On the toolbar, you will find search bar with Find Next option to quickly jump to next searched keyword in hosts file. The Refresh button can be used to withdraw changes and load the current hosts file.

hosts file editor

You can add a new host, edit the selected one, and replace the previously used IP or host name with selected value from right-click context menu.

hosts edit 2

When you add a new host, it presents an option to enable/disable the domain mapping. Click Add to enter the IP Address, Domain Name, Comment (optional), and then check/uncheck Enable host box. You can also add a copy of specified domain name with ‘www’ to hosts file.

domain names 3

HostsEditor is an open source application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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