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RaMaint.exe Process

You might have used tools like Logmein, PcAnywhere or RemotelyAnywhere, etc. These tools allow you to control your computer remotely. Ramaint.exe is the process in Windows which basically controls such applications. It is able to record inputs, hide itself, monitor applications, etc. This particular process allows other users to remotely control your PC via a local network or the Internet.


If you are sure that you have installed any such application or are often controlling your system remotely,  then the presence of this process could be safe. But if you are sure that you have never used any such application then the existence of this process could be alarming for you as this process may be utilized maliciously by someone to gain remote access of your PC, enabling them to steal personal info, passwords and Internet banking details.

You can simply remove this process by right clicking it and choosing End Process option. But if you are unable to get rid of it in this way, then better scan your system with some good utility such as Antispyware Plus. Enjoy!

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