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Read, Search, And Filter Text Files Instantly With MuseTips Text Filter

With writers, bloggers, journalists, coders and others of the like, text is of primary importance, and so are any tools associated with text manipulation and handling. Usually with long pieces of coding and writing, the issue lies mostly with finding the right thing. Suppose, for example, you are a coder having written hundreds of lines of code, only to find something has gone wrong, perhaps one single line causing everything to go out of place. Or you have to look up a single catch-phrase from an ebook of over 300 pages! For all such cases, MuseTips Text Filter is an easy solution.


Text Filter is a basic text reader with the flexibility of real-time text search just as you type the words. All you need to do is open up a text file with Text Filter, and type the text you’re looking for in the search bar on top. The software will highlight the searched words, and will also show only those paragraphs that contain the search query results, thus making sorting through search results easier.

There are a variety of search options available, which include auto suggestions (the software remembers your previous search queries), Regular Expression (Regex) support, case sensitivity etc, and also allows you to show or hide the matched words as per your choice.

Text Filter

Text Filter is available as both installable and portable application, hence making it ideal for carrying in a USB pen drive. It was tested with Windows 7 x86 OS.

Download MuseTips Text Filter

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