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Readefine Desktop – Google Reader Desktop Client With Magazine Style Layout

A while back, we reviewed Snackr, which is an Adobe Air based desktop ticker for reading your Google Reader RSS feeds. This time we have another one called Readefine Desktop which is a stylish desktop application for reading Google Reader feeds, plain text files and HTML files. It allows you to view multiple articles at a time as well as a single article in a unique magazine like multi-column layout. Redefine Desktop is also an Adobe Air based application and therefore can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Some of its main features include: division of text into multiple pages for easy reading, keyboard shortcuts to change font size, Instapaper Support, Next Page button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), resize option for images and videos to make them fit within columns, remove stray newlines, and drag/drop support for adding plain text for easy reading.

After launching Readefine Desktop, you can login with your Google account to fetch feeds, add a feed URL to fetch articles (From Web tab), or import an RSS XML file from local location.


By default all feeds are displayed in a magazine like layout in blocks. Simply click an article to start reading it.


The Magazine Layout provides a book like view for the articles with option to easily move between the next and previous articles in the list.


You can change the default magazine layout from Layout drop down menu. The classic mode brings the single column reading pane for viewing individual articles.

Classic Layout

Redefine Desktop also comes with a number of options to customize the layout and font settings. These options can be accessed by clicking Aa button (next to Layout menu).  In Settings pane, you can change font size, enable justify alignment and ligatures. The Column section refers to changing  default width, number of columns on main interface and line height. Under Paragraph, change paragraph Start and Indent settings for classic view mode.


The Instapaper feature lets you quickly bookmark articles for reading them later from your Instapaper account.


Readefine Desktop works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac and Linux based operating systems.

Download Redefine Desktop

[via Lifehacker]


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