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Recent Files Checks Recently Accessed And Modified Files In Any Folder

Managing office documents and files can be very bothersome especially if your work involves excessive computer use. In such case, it becomes virtually impossible to keep track of spreadsheets and documents that were recently closed down and you end up spending more time searching for the files in the folder they were created, rather than focusing on your own work. Recent Files changes all this by letting users view recently changed files in right-click Context Menu.

It  is a miniscule shell extension that saves recently created/modified file as an entry to the right-click context menu of the folder.  The program keeps track of all recently opened files in any folder, regardless of the applications used to run those files. For accessing the files, go to Recent Files from the right-click menu of any folder, or even, your desktop. All recently modified files of the folder will be displayed, along with date and time stamps and with the respective file extensions.

recentl files 3

For configuring advanced settings, select Options (see screenshot above) from right-click context menu. You can choose whether to view recently accessed files, recently modified files or both. Additionally, the number of recent files that are to be displayed is also user-defined. By default, the application displays last ten files.

recent files 4

Though the application is still in beta yet it does enhance user’s experience while working with many different types of files simultaneously. With this application, all your important files are just a right-click away.

This application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It was tested on Windows 7 x86 system.

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