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Record PC Screen The Simple Way With VidShot Capturer For Windows

Screencasts are video recordings of the computer screen primarily meant to help us in creating video tutorials for assisting others or demonstrating some computer activity to them. They are superior to screenshots in situations where you are trying to explain a complex step-by-step guide to perform a difficult operation, and providing screenshots of each step is not enough. Video hosting websites such as YouTube have a large collection of such screecast-based guides that help you through performing various tasks on your computer. A problem with some of the free tools that allow you to create screencasts is that they overlay a watermark in one of the corners (or worse, in the very center) of the resulting video. Today, we are bringing you a simple and completely free screencast tool called VidShot Capturer that lets you create good quality screencasts without any limitations, and does not add a watermark to them.

Like any robust screencast capturing tool, VidShot Capturer allows you to record the complete screen, a region of the screen, or any window of your choice. The screencast can be recorded at any frame rate that you want, starting from 1 frame per second to any number that your hardware can support.

The main interface of VidShot Capturer is designed to have a very low learning curve, and that’s another key feature setting it apart from the competition. There are only some basic options available for choosing the capturing mode and selecting a frame rate to record the screencast, which makes it as easy as it gets even for newbies. In the top section of the interface, you can specify the name and loction of the saved screenshot video. Keep in mind that if you don’t change the name of the file after making a recording, the program will record the new screencast over the old one instead of creating a new file.

VidShot Capturer

After selecting the file name, you can specify the recording mode to be Window, Region or full Desktop. Clicking the Advanced button reveals the Frame Rate option, letting you specify a frame rate of your choice for the screencast. A higher frame rate will result in a smoother recording but a bigger file size. The optimal frame rate may differ based on what you are trying to capture, so feel free to experiment a little with short clips and compare the results before making your choice.

If you want to record a particular window or region, click their respective button to select the window or specify the recording area on your screen. When using the Window mode, make sure you don’t move or resize the window during recording or it will go out of the recording area.


All in all, VidShot Capturer is a no-frills minimal screencast recorder that simply works, with no added bells and whistles. It is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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