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Record & Save Event Logs With Anylog

AnyLog is a tool for users who want to log an event but don’t want to publish it on the web. Personally, I would rather use Windows Live Writer for this purpose but not everyone wants to use it or feels comfortable using it. Users who save their important events on notepad and have cluttered desktop can consider using AnyLog.

It basically saves the events in a plain XML inside any directory of your choice(default being Documents folder). To begin, go to Manage and select Directories. Here select Root and then hit Create. Give the directory a name and choose if you want to make it private or public.

Once you are done creating a directory, hit Add from the main window and start adding a new event. You can choose the directory where you want the event to be saved, enter the keywords, give it a title and write a detailed description.

AnyLog main

You can make different directories and place events in their respective directories so that they are neatly categorized. Use the build-in Search tool to quickly find an event.

By default, it saves the database in Documents folder, you can change this path by going to Plan > My Plan. You can also choose to save the database over the network.

log data store

AnyLog is not a professional tool yet, the developers plan to add more functionality in the near future. For now, if you are looking for a quick easy place to save daily events, this app can come handy.

Extra Note: Developers can use the API to make full use of this app by making a log of all events that occur on user’s computer, in an application, etc.

Download AnyLog

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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