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Recover Emails After System Crash From All Desktop Mail Clients

File recovery software are generally not completely reliable when it comes to retaining the files in the proper format back. Thus, after a system crash, many users tend to recover only most important data from the HDD, such as, project files, presentations, important documents, and importantly emails from installed email clients. If you’ve faced such a hard drive crash lately, odds of you searching for a ubiquitous email recovery pack are high. Email Undelete is an email recovery program which is out for recovering all the emails from crashed hard drives and also all the purged emails which were once saved in Delete folders of installed email clients, such as, Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc. Email Undelete is powerful in many ways. While it can recover mails from non-responsive storage mediums, it’s an ability to locate and undelete missing email databases, so you can choose which emails from what database are to be recovered back. Additionally, broken email messages , which can’t be interpreted by many email clients, can also be repaired in order to read them without any problems.

Just like previously advocated Outlook Repair, it uses deep search mechanism to thoroughly scan the damaged storage medium for lost messages and email databases. Recovering mails is easy. You’d just need to follow its wizard steps to initiate deep search process. Once scanning is finished, it will show all the recovered messages, lost email databases, and broken mails, letting you retain them back instantly.

After launching the application, you will see a wizard asking for specifying mail recovery process. You can choose Recover email after a disk crash, repair email database, or address book recovery. If you are intending to recover mails from crashed hard drive, choose first option and click Next.

email recovery 1

In latter step, specify the disk to scan to deeply scan all the locations for lost emails. After the search process is completed, click Finish to view main screen.

finished 2

The main interface shows all the recovered email databases and archives at the left side while selected archive folders are listed in center and contained emails are shown at right side of the window. You can click any archive followed by specific folder to list down all the emails which were recovered during the process.


To save the recovered emails, click Save Wizard to specify the output location. Here, you can export the PST files directly to Outlook Folder or choose to define any local location for saving emails in EML format.

Export Wizard

It supports all the widely known email clients, including, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, Thunderbird, and The Bat.

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