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Clean Startup: Manage Startup Program Items With Recovery Option

We have seen plenty of Windows startup cleaners out there, most of them simply delete the startup item with no option to restore them back later. Clean Startup might look like yet another startup cleaner at first, but provides a simple intuitive interface with option to restore back the deleted items.

On the main interface, you will find all startup items that require your attention. Double-click any item and you will be taken straight to another step where you can either select to Allow the item or Disallow. By allowing an item, it will be added under Approved Startup Records. By clicking Don’t Allow, the items will be added under Will Be Deleted category, all items under this category will be deleted on clicking Apply.

Once the items are deleted, they are not removed permanently but rather added under the Restore tab. Hit Restore button, select the startup item you want to recover, and hit Restore to recover them back.

Editor’s Note: There is nothing extraordinary in this app. It is just another startup cleaner but instead of removing the items completely, it allows user to recover unneeded items later. Most 3rd party apps have a similar interface to Windows Startup Manager providing checkboxes for easy enabling and disabling of the startup items.

Note that there is a difference between disabling a startup item and deleting it. By disabling a startup item, the registry item remains but is disabled while on the other hand by deleting a startup item, the registry item is removed.

Clean StartupAllow Startup ProgramRestore deleted startup itemsstartup records

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. We tested it on Windows 7 32-bit system.

Download Clean Startup

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