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RedCrab: Calculator With Formula Editing & Algebraic Equation Support

Probably one of the greatest inventions of mankind is mathematics – algebra to be more precise. Everything we do today revolves around numbers, and numbers have changed the world as we know it. If mathematics and statistics are great inventions, then calculator is even greater, which helps in performing various complex calculations, within a few seconds. Along with the evolution of Windows, the default Windows calculator has also gone from being the tool for just division, multiplication, addition and subtraction of digits to getting support for basic, scientific, programmer and statistical calculations. However, it still lacks options, such as creating charts and printing the calculations, and i suspect that these features would be ever added. While browsing the web, i stumbled upon something interesting that might delight maths and stats enthusiasts and make their job a lot easier. The application is called RedCrab and is a portable calculator with support for scientific mode, programmer, standard, fields and statistical calculations, which can then be printed directly from the application. It supports complex algebraic equations, fractions, square roots, log functions, trigonometric functions etc. Digits and symbols can be entered with the keyboard, the Function Panel or the virtual keyboard provided with the application. More on RedCrab after the break.

The application allows you to perform calculations from an easy to use interface, with menus and quick buttons at the top, while Functions panel appear on the right side. You can choose to calculate Numbers, Scientific, Symbols, Programmer, Standard, Fields and Statistics. From the Options menu, you can set it to automatically calculate the number when ‘=’ symbol is entered. View allows you to toggle Grid, Function Panel and Virtual Keyboard. The application supports cut, copy, paste, undo and redo options accessible from the Edit menu, while Printer options are available in the File menu.

RedCrab Docked

The insert menu lets you insert Image File, Text File, Text Box, Result Box and Chart Box into the main application of the interface.

RedCrab Insert

Select Virtual Keyboard from the View pane to enable the built-in virtual keyboard, enabling you to enter text by clicking, rather than typing with the keyboard.

RedCrab Virtual Keyboard

Since it has some complex options, RedCrab calculator can take some time to get used to. But it’s not designed for anyone, anyway, so users who know what they are doing are going to find it extremely handy. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download RedCrab

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