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Redirect MailTo Links To HTTPS Gmail Or Google Apps For Domains

Recently it happened at work that we switched from the good old MS Outlook to Google Apps for Domains (GAFD), and a pilot group of our users started working with Gmail’s web interface. It so became half of our people were using Outlook, while a handful were using Gmail, and it caused quite a few tantrums with people taking time to familiarize with the new environment. One of the most commonly-faced issues was mailto: hyperlinks. What would happen was that when a user of GAFD would click a mailto: link, Outlook would launch instead of Gmail in a browser window. This wasn’t only with emails, but almost for all Google Apps, we saw this problem surfacing.

One of the developers over an CodePlex had a similar issue at his workplace, so he came up with a useful little tool called MailTo Updater. This application tweaks your PC’s registry to handle such requests through a specified GAFD domain, or simple Gmail interface, and can instruct the operating system what to execute upon the access of a certain type of link. It can also handle both http and https protocols.


Once you’ve applied the settings, all your mailto: hyperlinks should work with GAFD environment. The developer explains on his website the registry tweaks involved in the process, so if you want to modify something yourself, that’s where you’d want to look (available in the download link below).

MailTo Updater works with Windows OS, and our testing was done on a Windows 7 32-bit PC.

Download MailTo Updater


  1. A nice start, but I’d sure like to see something that handles Office’s “send” option in the File menu. That’s a bit tougher. Our company’s moving to Apps, but our user of e-mail will long pre-date a full switch (if ever) to Docs. We discourage users from attaching documents when they can share them, but there’s always going to be a need to attach things — often things one is working on. Honestly, Google’s cloud add-in for office is a performance hog (heh. As if office itself isn’t 😉

    The interface between local and cloud is going to take a long time to work out. Progress has in some ways reverted us to primitive Rube Goldberg operations (Darnit, gotta save the file, then go find it and attach it).

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