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Reduce Memory Usage In Windows 7/Vista/XP

Some applications in Windows take too much memory that the whole computer would freeze down. If you are running  multiple memory-heavy programs then obviously it makes sense to reduce the memory usage of these applications. Some programs take too much memory that if you don’t have enough RAM, then it is impossible to run it.

Minimem is a free tool that is a perfect solution to all such memory related problems. It was originally developed to reduce the memory consumption of Firefox browser, but now works with any browser or application. It optimizes the process that run with the application to reduce it’s overall memory usage. You can select which applications to optimize and when to optimize, thus giving you full control over your system memory optimization.

To use it, select the active processes from the right side window and add them to the left side, click Apply and these processes will now be optimized every 30 secs by default. You can change the time in options(which is given just below the split-windows). There are three further options – Do not optimize the foreground process, Do not optimize if RAM greater than any value, and Hide active processes if memory less than any given value.


Since it is almost a year old application, what made me review are the new features in version 1.3 released today. You will find a new sleeker interface along with the following improvements and features:

  • Bug fix: Minimem no longer shows up when switching applications and when it’s minimized
  • Bug fix: the settings Window is no longer visible when starting Minimem on Vista and with special settings
  • Available physical RAM and page file shown on the tray icon tooltip
  • Minimem informs when a new version is available (note: requires internet connection and sends product info)
  • Improved error handling though Minimem now seems impossible to crash
  • Use of a standard Windows xml-based settings file, with default values in Program Files and user values in the App Data folder, which better supports portable installations and backward compatibility

Download Minimem

It works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7. It requires .NET framework to be installed minimum if you want to run it on Windows XP or before version of Windows. Enjoy!


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