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Remote Connection Manager AutoPuTTY

If you have to take care of your remote servers on a daily basis, upon which you often perform different server related tasks then you will definitely be familiar with Putty. It is basically a client software which lets you connect to remote Linux/Unix servers via SSH or Telnet. Putty is a very simple tool and does not provide much features, but you can consider Auto Putty as its advanced form.

It can manage a server list and lets you connect to your servers through a a variety of different ways like Putty, WinSCP, Microsoft Terminal Server, and VNC.


To establish the connection to the remote machine, enter the Name of the machine, the hostname and port of the machine in the Hostname[:port] option, Username and Password of the remote system. Then choose the Type of connection, it could be WinSCP, VNC, Remote Desktop, Putty etc. You can connect to multiple servers at once using either the Enter key or the right-click context menu.


You may add another server to the existing list of servers by clicking the + button. The Settings button lets you change some common settings and you can remove any particular system from the list by selecting it and pressing the delete (X) button.

AutoPutty Download AutoPutty

It works on Windows 2000/2003 Server, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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