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Remotely Control Your PC via Twitter With TwitControl

Back in July, Aatif covered an application called Airytec Switch Off which lets you remotely control your PC via mobile or from any other computer located on remote location.  The application works seamlessly but a specific port has to be forwarded to control system and to execute some basic Windows functions. Today we discovered another application called TwitControl which offers the very same functionality without applying port forwarding techniques. It is developed for all the avid Twitter users out there, offering a simple mechanism to promptly control your system from any remote location. Whilst it has a set of pre-defined set of Windows commands (Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff), it comes with a Tweet monitoring system to check for any instructions/commands in all of your latest tweets to execute them on the fly.

To start, you need to set up some basic configurations. On the main interface, enter your Twitter Username, Cellular Device Info (Number and Carrier), and Gmail username and password. Now click Save/Start Tracking to let it authenticate your account.

Twit Control BETA 1.0  2

First, it needs to connect with Twitter to verify the supplied credentials and then auto-generated 7 PIN code has to be entered, to get your PIN code, click the respective button, it will lead you to your Twitter account with 7-digit code in front of you. Just copy and paste it in the dialog box to proceed further.


To create and view the list of commands it offer, click Command List. All the pre-defined commands are case sensitive, you need to Tweet the commands with same case to execute them. Aside from pre-defined list, you can also add custom commands, click Add Custom Command and enter Command name with its source location.

command list1

Once you’ve created your own list of commands, you are good to go, click Save/Start Tracking button again on main screen to start monitoring your tweets. The application response time is fast, it will keep itself updated with your Twitter stream. When it finds any command, it will immediately execute it.

logged off-1

Moreover, you can manually set Tweet sync time interval to limit down internet bandwidth usage. From Settings –> Options, enter number of seconds after which it has to sync with Twitter stream.

Twit Control2

During testing, we found only one functionality specific bug, you need to configure your account and enter your credential twice to get it working properly, that is – before going for Twitter account verification, details are to be entered, and once account is verified, again details must be entered to start monitoring Tweet stream.

As far as main functionality goes, it works fine on Windows 7 x86 system. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have .Net Framework 4.0 installed.

Download TwitControl

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  • Brandon

    Wow! Just found this!
    Thanks for doing a thorough review of my software, and keep up all the good tips!

  • paul rogan

    I have a fundamental question – why would anyone want to control their PC via twitter? The need for the task implies that they’re using Twitter mobile. If this is the case, why wouldn’t they use mobile apps that are made specifically for Remote Desktop access? The twitter remote control software sounds cool, but I can’t see it being a game changer.

    • Brandon

      @Paul Rogan You can also use this to control aspects of your computer if you DO NOT have a smart phone. You can do this by using Twitter’s text-message tweet feature. So this is an easy alternative for those who do not have smart phones.

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