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Remove Ads & Enhance Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger remains one of the world’s most popular instant messaging platforms, and it makes sense why Microsoft should choose to display loads of advertisements in the messenger’s main window and chat windows. While they may not be very annoying, they can sometimes becomes a real nuisance when your click accidentally lands on any of these.

A-Patch is a tool that not only removes advertisements from Windows Live Messenger, but also adds quite a lot of additional enhancements that can improve your chatting experience.

The program basically patches an existing installation of the Live Messenger, and recently it has been updated to support Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 (15.3.2804.0607) & Wave 3 (14.0.8117.0416, 14.0.8089.0726, 14.0.8064.0206, 14.0.8050.1202).


All you need to do is run the downloaded A-Patch file, provide WLM’s installation path and select the options that you want to apply. A preview window in the right shows how the changes would be reflected. You can choose to remove advertisements, the ‘featured’ section, remove the nudge delay, add multi-messenger support, among various others. You may also save a particular set of settings, so that you can use them with later installations of WLM.

A-Patch is a freeware and supports a lot of older versions of Live Messenger, back to the time when it was called MSN Messenger instead of being incorporated in the Windows Live suite of applications. The download page lists all the older versions as well, should you need them.

We tested A-Patch on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download A-Patch

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