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Remove Background Objects And Colors From Images

To remove background color or objects from an image can be really time consuming, and requires a high-degree knowledge and assistance of high-end software. Most of the times, the process works on a trial and error approach, with no definitive options unless you’re an advanced user using some paid solution. Easy Background Extractor automates this process, making it simple and accessible for free for an average user.

With no flashy user-interface, this software does exactly what it is supposed to do; remove background objects on the basis of color depth. It can also help remove help remove the background color from scanned pages without utilizing any of Photoshop’s additional plug-ins. Best of all, its portable and free.

Easy Background Extractor

You will need to define the color range using the depth bar first. Next, click the color or color range that you want removed, and the result pane will show what the output image will look like. If you’re not satisfied with how it looks, change the depth and click ‘Move Depth and Try Again’ button, and let the software work with the new settings.

This tool works with only BMP and JPG/JPEG image formats. Their website offers a detailed instruction guide that can help you with using all the features.

The program’s functioning is good, but the interface could really use some improvements. It is far from eye-catching; it is almost dull and boring, and much outdated from today’s standards. We hope to see improvements on this front in the future. If you don’t mind the interface and need only the features, go ahead and give it a shot.

Easy Background Extractor works with all versions of Microsoft Windows, we tested it on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download Easy Background Extractor

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