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Remove Malwares, Viruses, And Other Computer Infections With CaSIR

CaSIR is a portable application which automatically removes stubborn Infectors like viruses, worms, trojans, and the like from your computer. It focuses on removing specifically those malware agents which are difficult to detect and remove by normal malware removers. This includes stealthy malware types which starts infecting your system processes and eventually disables your computer or anti-virus programs. Despite the fact that many well known antivirus programs focus on attempting to remove such infections, such malicious agents can get activated via file sharing programs, USB flash drives, network paths, optical discs, etc. This can result in the deactivation of the antivirus and eventually make your computer unbootable. Attempting to remove such malware from Safe Mode can further result in the disabling of the Safe Mode itself.

CaSIR has been developed by the same developer who previously brought us SM Fixer to fix Windows safe mode when it might get disabled by a virus. CaSIR, on the contrary, can help you prevent your computer from getting infected. Once CaSIR is launched, click Start to begin analyzing the computer.

CaSIR v3.5 - Free for Personal Use Only!

This will alert you about potentially harmful agents present on your computer and prompt for system reboot to fix the issue(s). For example, a virus may have disabled certain parts of the operating system (such as Folder Options) and, resultantly prevented access to system resources. CaSIR detects such malicious agents and removes them after restarting the system.

CaSIR is working...

Once the system reboots, it will send a pop-up message explaining the status of the computer and will provide details about the removed malware(s). You can run CaSIR periodically to check your computer for infections and to remove them (if present).


CaSIR works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download CaSIR

[via ghacks]

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