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How To Remove Multiple Metro App Tiles From Windows 8 Start Screen

When you first get started on Windows 8, you will be moving around the app tiles on the Metro Start Screen. You might also want to remove some or most of them. Even if you decide to keep all the default tiles, you will still accommodate junk tiles from apps that you install and having to delete them one by one isn’t going to make your day any productive. Deleting multiple tiles at once is not difficult, all you need to do is hold down the Ctrl key as you go selecting apps. Apps are selected by right clicking them and the option on the horizontal bar will change to accommodate your selections.

Hold down Ctrl key and start right-clicking the tiles, a check mark will appear on each tile that you select. You can hit the escape key to remove all selections or you can right-click an app again, while still holding the Ctrl key to unselect that one app tile.

select tiles

When you select just one app, several options appear on the horizontal bar (at the bottom of the screen), but when you select several different apps, the options are limited to just two: Unpin from Start and Clear Selection. Click Unpin from Start to remove the selected tiles (this will not uninstall the app), or click Clear selection to unselect all apps.

delete tiles

Like we said, there is nothing to it. The apps can be added back by pinning them to the start menu so you don’t have to worry about causing any irreparable damage.

Update: As pointed out by one of  the readers in the comments, there is no need to hold down the Ctrl key, you can right click and select as many tiles as you like.


  1. if i uninstall the people tile do i still keep my comtacts ? some one is
    getting my contacts from this pc and send them nasty emails and add
    them to their skype

  2. At first sight of Windows 8 i was about to puke, but now i have bought it and am quite satisfied with it. Have more to learn though, but i think Windows 8 is OK.

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