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Remove Office Upload Center From Taskbar System Tray

It turns out Microsoft has found yet another way to annoy the users of Office 2010 – Office Upload Center. Yes, the same tool which we mentioned about just yesterday. As it turns out there is no easy way to remove it from the system tray, the most annoying is the part that there is no Exit/Close option in the context menu.

Check it out yourself in the screenshot below:

Upload Center system tray

The Upload Center is started during startup and I cannot disable it from Notification Area Icons window because of “Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar” checkbox which is enabled. In fact, the Notification Area Icons feature is only able to hide the icon, not disable or remove it.

Microsoft has given the option to remove the icon from the system tray in Upload Center settings. Since it is given in-between other options, sometimes it can be confusing to find it. You just need to uncheck the “Display icon in notification area” checkbox and the icon will be removed.

remove upload center from system tray

Additionally if your system starts up pretty slow, you can disable Office 2010 from loading during startup. Type msconfig in Start Search and hit enter. Now go to Startup tab, disable Microsoft Office 2010, and hit OK.

msconfig system configuration

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  • kab

    Yep, I skimmed right over this a few times trying to find an option to close it. Thanks!

  • aryancoolestdude

    hey man!
    tnx 4 ur help
    i was being annoyed by this for a long time

  • Scott

    If I didn't like Outlook so much, I would dump office all together and just user open office.

    • Dere

      OpenOffice = FAIL. It lacks a lot of features offered by Microsoft Office and its UI is crap.

  • John

    Disabling the icon doesn’t stop the process though, so it’s still running in the background.

    I’d rather have the icon so at least I know if it’s running without having to check Task Manager.

    • Once you have disabled from System Configuration startup tab, restart your computer and you won’t find it running. 😉

  • Tommy

    Unfortunately, as soon as i add a new document in sharepoint 2010 this process starts up again, and implants itself right back into the msconfig startup list…

  • J Gold

    Thank you for the help, unfortunately I don’t find an entry for MS Office 2010 in my configuration file. In fact the only MS products are for the OS. I’m running Win Vista Home Premium 32 bit, SP2. Any other suggestions?

  • jaxplanet

    Create a new text document. Copy and paste this command into it:
    “C:\Windows\System32\taskkill /IM msosync.exe /F”
    Save the file and rename it to KillOfficeUpload.bat
    Place it at the root of your C: partition
    Open GPEDIT.MSC from the command prompt
    Go to User Config > Windows Settings > Logon
    Select the KillOfficeUpload.bat script.
    Every time you logon it will kill Office Upload.

  • jane

    nice one jaxplanet, good tip! thx!

  • zachary

    Office Upload Center is part of SharePoint Workspace 2010, which can be removed by following these instructions:


    • GLotsapot

      @zachary: You are the (wo)man! Great find.

  • Einar

    Thank you.

    Can´t belive how simple this was. And i didn´t see it :/

  • Hintea Dan

    Great, thanks a lot!

  • Kennerism

    Was’sup wid u guys? Just remove MSOSYNC.EXE using Task Mgr (Win 7 x64)?