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Remove Seekservice.exe – This Process May Be Used By Malware

If you find the seekservice.exe process running in your system, then this should be alarming as your computer might be infected with malware. It is quite a dangerous process and it is unsafe to keep this process running.

The consequences for letting this process run could be dangerous. I found that my CPU usage was hitting 100% and I was not running any CPU intensive application. Upon checking I found that this process was running, I immediately terminated it and the CPU usage dropped back to the normal level.

Another issue which you may face if this process is running, is that you will see plenty of disk space consumed on your hard disk while actually there will be no such huge data. Also try checking the list of startup programs and remove seekservice.exe from there. To learn how to remove startup programs, go here.


If terminating this process does not help, then we suggest that you scan your system thoroughly using various tools such as Advanced System Care and other similar tools.

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