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Remove Third Party Application Options Or Tabs From File/Folder Properties Dialog [Tip]

There are numerous applications and scripts available out there, which integrate their most useful functions and options in Windows right click context menu to let users easily access them and perform the required operations over selected files and folders. The context menu certainly provides a quick way to access app’s features, but when such applications are uninstalled, they often fail to unregister their context menu entries. Likewise, there are some applications like SKTimeStamp(reviewed here), MediaTab (reviewed here) and AveFolderBG (reviewed here), which provide all of their features in folder/file Properties dialog, letting users quickly perform different tasks on files/folders and specific file extensions. Such applications not only increase the file properties dialog load time, but also add hidden information to files’ meta tags. If you’re dealing with an application that doesn’t provide an option to disintegrate or remove its features from folder or file properties dialog, here is how you can remove its options from file/folder Properties dialog.

Before you begin, make sure that you are logged in as administrator or have required administrative privileges to make changes to Windows registry. Now, open file/folder Properties dialog to check the names of additional tabs or applications’ features that are integrated into the Properties dialog.

properties sheet handler 0

Now, type regedit in Start search and hit Enter.


This will open Window registry editor. Now in order to remove third-party applications’ features from File Properties dialog, navigate to following key.


Once there, just find and delete all the additional keys present inside PropertySheetHandlers key. You can find the application’s integrated features by its name or by its tab name in Properties dialog.

properties sheet handler main

This will permanently remove the third-party application’s tab from file Properties dialog. For removing application’s integrated features Folder Properties dialog, navigate to the following key.


Now delete the keys of all third-party applications present inside PropertySheetHandlers.

properties sheet handler directory

Once you’ve removed unnecessary application’s tabs from both file and folder Properties dialog, restart your PC for changes to take effect. Once system reboots, open any file/folder Properties dialog to check whether the required application’s feature or tab is deleted or not.

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