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Remove VMWare Player Menu In Full Screen Mode With VMWareMenuRemover

VMWare player is a widely-used virtualization application, enabling you to run virtual machines from multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux. Like any virtualization application, it provides a full screen mode to help users focus on the virtual machine, akin to it being a natively-run operating system on the physical machine. Unfortunately, this advantage is reduced to some extent due to the annoying menu that appears on top of VMWare Player in full screen mode. This menu consumes an important chunk of the virtual machine, which may contain a dock or underlying application interface. VMWareMenuRemover is a portable application for removing this menu bar from VMWare Player.

Menu Bar

The program does not have a GUI interface, and merely requires being run to remove the VMWare player menu (in full screen mode). For this reason, it may be handy to keep it on your desktop so that you may execute it for starting the backend process (whenever required).

Without Menu Bar

It must be noted that since the VMWare Player menu will no longer appear, you will require using the CTRL+ALT hotkey combination to exit full screen mode. VMWareMenuRemover is an open source application, which works on VMWare Player 4 and Windows 7 (64-bit supported).

Donwload VMWareMenuRemover

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