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Remove/Repair Potentially Unwanted Software And Programs With FreeFixer

FreeFixer is a free tool for Windows that assets a user in removing potentially unwanted programs such as spyware, trojans, adware, viruses and worms. According to the developer, this tool works by scanning a large number of locations where unwanted software has a known record of appearing or leaving traces.

Once you have installed this tool, run it and click Start Scan.

freefixer main window

It will then scan all locations for various unwanted software.

scanning applicatons - locations for unwanted apps

After the scan is complete, it will list all programs in a simple-to-use window. Remember that this program does not know which item in the list is BAD and should be removed, it does however whitelist all trusted programs from the scan results. The programs highlighted in Green means they are trusted while those in RED means they are dangerous. To check full details about any item, click More Info link next to it.

freefixer results

Note: Clicking More Info link will take you to the vendor’s site(FreeFixer Library) where you can find further details about this program.

FreeFixer has a large online library that contains information of most types of software. If you have any doubt about a program, you can always visit the library. You can remove/repair selected items by clicking the Fix link. There is also an option to re-scan the system and saving log files.

free fixer - remove, repair, fix program, software

Those files that could not be removed at the moment will be removed after the next computer restart.

freefixer repair complete

Warning: Do not remove system files, since it could lead to system crash or instability. To find out whether a program is a critical system file, click More Info link.

If you still having some trouble, you can save the log and share it over with a strong FreeFixer community who can help you in fixing the problems. It works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. It does not support 64-bit Operating systems at the moment. Enjoy!


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