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Replace Windows 7 Right-Click Context Menu With Moo0 RightClicker

Moo0 RightClicker is a Windows enhancement application, which adds multitude of handy features and options in right-click context menu. It lets user enable/disable the enhanced right-click menu with a single click and is one flexible application which doesn’t want to hang it self in the system.

The added extension is customizable, you can change the previous right-click menu’s options. Besides adding options in right-click menu, it also offers a configuration window to customize options and features and enable/disable the extension. Once application is installed, on Welcome screen you can enable/disable its right-click menu and under Customize tab, you can customize existing right-click menu on File/Folder and on Folder Background. The best part is that you can specify as many bookmarked items as you want to add in right-click context menu. From Bookmarks window, you can add and delete the items whenever you want.

Moo0 RightClicker

Now lets glance at the enhanced right-click context menu.

right-click menu1
(Right-click Menu on Folder background)
right-click menu2
(Right-click Menu on Folder)

Folder Menu option is of great use, it includes options like; Copy as Name, Copy as Path, Command prompt, etc. The first two options will able you to copy the name of the folder and the path of the folder to clipboard. Incase of file, you can perform the same operations along with creating an instant shortcut in your favorite location.

We have touched some notable features and options it offer, however its feature list is long and pretty much useful for any level of user. As you can infer from the screenshots above that it added enhanced option without disrupting any existing right-click options.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on x86 system running Windows 7.

Download Moo0 RightClicker

For more, check out CMenu and Context Menu Editor.


  1. this is a good well built program very useful even if it costs $26.00 Free to Try (30 Days Free Trial)

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