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RescueTime: Track Time Spent On Applications And Websites [Windows]

Time management is an important element for many people. Sure we all have busy lives, but the more we can get out of our time, the more time we will have for all the things in life. With that being said, it’s up to every individual how efficient they are at spending time they have at their disposal. Fortunately, there are a ton of applications that make it easy to calculate time we spend on different tasks in our digital life and log the data based on the information collected. RescueTime is one such handy web app that you use to make the optimal use of every second in your day. It allows you to track time spent on different activities such as applications you use, sites you surf and files you access the most.

RescueTime splits each of your activities into different categories, including but not limited to, Business, News and Opinion, Communication and Scheduling, Social Networking, etc. Each category has sub categories as well and you can even add a new sub-category if you wish.

RescueTime _ Time management

To get started with RescueTime, you need to sign up for an account (free and paid subscriptions available) and download and install the RescueTime client on your computer.

RescueTime _ Windows Application

After installing the app, you will need to verify your email address through the desktop client, after which the app begins running in the background without interrupting your workflow.

RescueTime _ Windows Application_Activate

RescueTime then begins tracking time you spend on every task be it surfing Facebook for a few minutes, jotting down a few notes in Evernotes or casually drawing something on Paint. In other words, it can track your application and website usage and record both active time (foreground) and time running. Everything it logs is automatically saved online. You get a dashboard where you will find a graph representing how much time you have given to different tasks. As mentioned earlier, it automatically groups these tasks into different categories, though you can choose which ones are more productive for you.

There’s also a Report area where you can view usage stats for applications and websites. And if you find one of your tasks is not under the right category, you can easily move it there by navigating to the categories option.

RescueTime - Your Daily dashboard

RescueTime also enables you to set specific goals about your tasks. For example, if you want to spend most of your time researching and learning, you can set it as your productive category, and every application and website lies under that category will help achieving that goal.

RescueTime _ Goals

New goals can be createdany time via the Set A new goal window, where you just need to specify task category and how much time you want to spend on it.

RescueTime _ New Goal

RescueTime is currently offering its users free and paid plans dubbed RescueTime Lite and RescueTime Premium respectively. The latter offers more flexibility and control over managing your time, and offers additional perks at $9 monthly or $72 annually.

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