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Restamper: Change Date And Time Stamps Of Files/Folders

Restamper is a portable tool to change the file’s date/time stamp. Each file carries list of properties and attributes, including date/time stamps; created, modified, accessed, etc. As name suggests, it’s built to restamp these file’s properties seamlessly, Apart from this, folders and sub-directories can also be restamped and it also let you change the date/time stamp of read-only files.

It supports simple drag & drop behavior, which means you can easily insert a folder or file for which you need to change date/time stamps. Once folder/file is added, you can stamp created, modified or last access date/time separately by double-clicking the respective fields or change all these properties in one-go by clicking All times button.

It is noted that the inclusion of directories is only recommended for NTFS file system, on FAT32 and older file systems, it may throw a process exception.

set all time1

During re-stamping process, a Restamper Task folder containing log and backup file is created automatically on the desktop, which can be helpful if you want to restore the changed properties back to original. For restoring the date/time stamps, under Stamp menu, click Restore to specify respective backup file. For validating the properties’ changes, right-click the folder/file to view Properties.


The application has certainly much useful options to change the date/time stamps. The feature of creating backup of each and every process can be useful in quickly restore the changes.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Restamper


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