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Restarter: Restart Explorer, Aero Services & Kill Not Responding Tasks

To enable registry changes to take place, normally one has to restart their computer. This not only puts a stop to your work, but a lot of time is also wasted by the user in reopening all the closed applications, folders and files again. The same effect that restarting the whole PC has, can also be achieved by restarting just the Explorer.exe process. Previously, we have covered a tip on how to restart Explorer.exe process properly in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and add an extra function in the Shutdown menu of Windows XP enabling you to terminate and restart Explorer.exe. We also reviewed a software called Application Monitor, a free tool that monitors user-specified applications and whenever they crash, restart them immediately. However, both these tools do not provide you with a one-click solution for restarting the Explorer.exe process. Restarter is a portable application for Windows that sits quietly in the system tray and lets you easily restart explorer.exe whenever required. There are some other useful options, such as restarting the aero services and killing non-responding processes. Keep reading to find out about all the little application has to offer.

Along with the ability to instantly restart the explorer.exe process, it also offers you to restart the Windows Aero service (the service which handles the aero-based visuals of Windows Vista and Windows 7). While opening and closing multiple applications, sometimes it happens that due to one reason or the other, applications and processes go into Not Responding mode and you cannot use the normal way of clicking the close button or pressing the Alt + F4 hotkey on your keyboard to close the application. If the application stays in the non responding mode for too long, Windows allows you to force close it by clicking the End Process button, but there are times when the End Process button is not available. When that happens, you have to manually open the Windows Task Manager, look for the process or service, and kill it to stop the application. Restarter provides you with a one-click alternative for all that. The Kill Not Responding Tasks instantly kills all tasks which are, at the time, not responding to user input.


Other options includes quick access links for useful daily usage tools and Windows options, including Task manager, Calculator, Notepad, Restart PC, Shutdown PC and Log off.

The application works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

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