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Retain Clipboard Items After System Reboot Using ClipboardZanager

The Windows Clipboard is one of the most used features of Windows. Everyone uses it on daily basis, multiple times a day. The Ctrl + C/ Ctrl + V commands are very useful for quickly copying and pasting text, URLs etc from the source location to the destination. However, the biggest limitation of the default Windows Clipboard is that it can only hold one entry at a time. It means that whenever you copy a piece of text, the old one automatically gets deleted from the memory of Windows. Previously, we have covered a lot of useful clipboard managers, including ClipX, a clipboard manager that allows you to copy a large number of text and image entries and Free Clipboard Manager, which lets you take & save screenshots and text in clipboard item library. However, almost all of them have one common issue; the clipboard memory is wiped as soon as you turn off the computer. Today, we have a clipboard manager named, ClipboardZanager that lets you easily manage Windows Clipboard and save multiple items in its memory at a time, including text snippets and images. What makes it different from other clipboard tools is that it has the ability to retain clippings even after you reboot the system, allowing you to easily recover and use the clipboard data. Read past the break for more.

The main interface of the application has options to change the number of copies to keep in the clipboard memory. If the number of copied items goes above the specified limit of copies, the first item will automatically get deleted from the list. Other options include start ClipboardZanager with Windows logon, keep the copied data for reuse at the next startup, and change the hotkey to bring up the on-screen clipboard manager.


The clipboard manager can be accessed using the specified hotkey. Items can be added to the clipboard manager simply by using the Ctrl + C hotkey. In order to paste an item from the list, open the manager, double click on the required item, and then use the default paste command (Ctrl + V) to paste it anywhere you want.

Paste data from clipboard

This clipboard manager works perfectly, but an option to access the list of clipboard entries using a hotkey will make this tool even more useful. Hopefully, the developer will include it in the next update. ClipboardZanager works on both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download ClipboardZanager

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