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Retroactively Resize Two Windows Snapped Side By Side In Windows 10

The window snapping feature in Windows 10 has greatly been improved upon since Windows 7. Even back then, it was pretty awesome but with Windows 10 and the lessons Microsoft learned from Windows 8, the feature has been made all the better. Among the many other things that you can do when snapping windows, resizing two at the same time is a very useful new addition made in Windows 10. Here’s how it works.

Snap two windows side by side. Once you’ve snapped the two windows, and either one of the two is active move your cursor to the center where the two meet.

When your cursor is positioned over the edge of the two windows, a shadow bar will appear over it. Wait a split second if it doesn’t appear right away. The bar indicates that the resizing feature is active.


With the shadow bar visible, click and drag to resize either one of the Windows. If you drag to the right, the window snapped to the right of your screen will decrease in width and the one on the left will be given more screen space. If you drag it to the left, the window on the left will become smaller with more screen space going to the window on the right. When you’re dragging the cursor, a solid black bar will appear next to the window that is being resized. The other window will not be resized until you release the mouse button.


Once you release the mouse button, both windows will be resized. One will be larger than the other, obviously. You have to be running Windows 10 build version 1511 in order to use the feature since it isn’t there in older builds.



  1. im still hesitant to download win10. i mean 7 pro is perfect and glitch free, the best unit to come out since XP, and if you dont have touch screen i dont see the advantage in getting 8. any thoughts on upgrading from 7 to 10? i just dont think its possible to have a more stable version than 7, so besides a few useless bells and whistles, and redundant options, is there a advantage worth upgrading for????..im more a purist, minimalist, less is more guy… i went from 95 to 98 to xp to 7, hated 2000 and vista…what say you??

    • >Glitch free
      Sorry to break it to you, but even 7 has plenty of glitches. Still, for operating systems that can still actually run the latest programs, Windows 7 is the best. Upgrade to Windows 10, and you’ll get a half assed operating system that’s basically windows 7 but with a few windows 8 features, extra keylogging (something they do anyway, so I suppose at least they are more transparent about it in Win 10), extra tracking, a support team that can and DOES (as I’ve found out through experience) activate screen recording tools the moment you start a support chat with them, WITHOUT asking you, and hiding the fact (though I accidentally discovered it) forced updates (though you can get around that), that will reset your computer to install them even if you were in the middle of something, and the win 10 equivalent to the blue screen of death (ie a blank screen of a random colour without ANY information, every two or three hours).

      It’s a little more stable if you straight up install windows 10 without upgrading from win 7, but as you said, since win 7 is the best os that actually still works with modern programs, there’s not point upgrading.

      XP was great, 98 was better, but wont run fuck all now, and 3.11 was my favorite (I actually installed 3.11 the other week for nostalgia lol)

    • i currently run 7/64 bit pro, and honestly, ive been 2+ years without a glitch, there were a few during the first couple years, but lately it runs like silk. in saying that, i dont use it to its max potential like i used to. i did use it for school and work, with everything from cadd to office. but now i only have it for home use, hence the comment about no glitches…so for me, personally, it has run for a good long time with no issues, i couldnt be happier with a operating system. and from everything ive read i dont believe ill be getting windows 10 anytime soon. but in the modern history of windows, you dont get a reliable version till its been out for at least 2 years. i think it takes at least that long in commercial use to stabilize. example is 98 over 95, and XP sp3. so i imagine 10 will be better in a few years

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