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RetroShare: Private, Secure Platform For File Sharing & Messaging

IM (Instant Messaging) platforms are notorious for the lack of privacy and security, as viruses and bugs can easily penetrate into the system. Most users find it hard to verify the identity of the peers (seeming too good to be true). With these cases set aside, formal communication on the internet regarding sensitive matters, require an extreme level of security, identity verification and privacy.With SOPA and other regulations in view, interest in anonymous file sharing applications is rapidly increasing and slowly finding precedence over public networks like Bittorrent.  RetroShare is a server-less cross-communication platform, which provides file sharing, forums, channels and chat; authenticated by GnuPG and secured by OpenSSL encryption. With secure email, Video or VoIP and other sharing features, this powerful application allows you to communicate in all forms without any eavesdropping or unwanted monitoring.

After installing the application, you get to know the real meaning of a server-less platform. Unlike other alternates, you don’t need to register with an available server, every time you login, nor do you have to find the right nic which hasn’t already been taken. All your actions in Retroshare are fully concealed with even your ISP left clueless regarding your sharing details. You need to setup your account in order to get a unique GPG code. This code can then be given to any friend in order to commence conversation. Remember, both of you would require each other’s GPG codes in order to become virtual friends.

Retroshare - Create new Profile

Upon generating a new profile, you will be prompted for the password to proceed to the unique GPG code assigned to you. This would then lead you to the main window, where your first step would be to add friends. To achieve this, click the respective button on the left sidebar.

Retroshare - Chat

Your status and system-related information is displayed on the bottom of the main window while the feature categories are displayed on top. We advise you to access the Getting Started tab, to fully understand the nature and method of operations. To add a friend, you must share your GPG text with the subject while you must also have the GPG of interest.

Retroshare - Connect Friend Wizard

Upon pairing, your friendship is successfully created with the name, appearing on the main window. To send a message or check further features and details just right-click on the entry in the friends’ list to perform the required action.

RetroShare Messenger

The RetroShare messenger lets you communicate with friends in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, anonymous chat groups can also be created in order to discuss a specific topic with relevant friends by right clicking on relevant friends and accessing the Chat lobbies option. With the freedom to share anything you want in an invisible manner, you can now openly discuss your business plans and strategies.

Retroshare - Create Chat Lobby

In addition, you can technically analyze your network to avoid any loopholes in configuration. From Network tab, you can view connected clients in various visualization schemes may it be in a listed format, authentication matrix or the drawing mode.

RetroShare Network

We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download RetroShare

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