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Avast 6 Released, Brings AutoSandbox And WebRep PC Security Features

Avast has come a long way since its first release. The security mechanism that Avast uses against variety of viruses and malwares has been greatly appreciated due to the fact that it requires minimum amount of user input to keep itself updated with latest viruses, malware, and spyware and other types of malicious key logging scripts. Recently, Avast launched the latest version of their popular antivirus application Avast 6 which comes with two most significant features – AutoSandbox and WebRep.

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The AutoSandbox is a security feature for running potentially suspicious applications, programs, and scripts in a completely isolated environment to prevent any sort of catastrophic system damage. Now with Avast 6, you will always be on the safe side, as it can detect any program which seems suspicious and can cause erratic system behavior. When it finds any program or script which can perform suspicious activities, it will prompt user, asking it he/she wants to run it in AutoSandbox. You can either disable the AutoSandboxing feature completely or exclude those applications which you want to run on system and not in AutoSandbox isolated environment.

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WebRep is one ingeniously useful feature whose workability is based on global Avast user community. It maintains a list of all the Security threats which have been reported by large number of Avast users in order to make web surfing safe. On accessing the website which is in Avast bad rating lists, it will notify you about security risks involved.

webrep 2

Apart from these features, developers have worked hard to build 64-bit version for both Windows Vista and Windows 7, which genuinely works without any problems. If you’re planning to deploy Avast Professional 6, there are some novel features to look for, such as, SafeZone, which opens desktop in isolated mode with no connection with threads running in background.

Avast 6 works on Windows XP (SP2 and SP3), Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Both Windows OS editions 32-bit and 64-bit are supported. There are both Free and Professional versions available. Avast 6 Professional costs $34.99.

Download Free Avast 6

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  • Chevymanusa

    “Unfortunately, Windows XP 64-bit systems are not supported.” I have Avast 6 up and running on my Windows XP Professional x64 Edition SP2 just fine (for now?).

    • Just checked the Avast Support Center for system requirement details and found support for both editions of Window XP. Thankyou for pointing out. I’ve updated the post.

  • Rick

    Well I made the unfortunate mistake of hitting the update button on my 5.x installation of internet security. Bugs surrounding the firewall include not showing new / updated application rules until reboot, avast’s update program constantly asking for permission to access the web, and emails being tagged a spam although the person is on the whitelist.

    Uninstalling is not easy. First have to uninstall via windows, then with an avast cleanup tool, and then a search through the registry for avast and alwil, having to give yourself special access to delete several keys. Necessary? Yes – otherwise I found that these entries stop even the 5.x from running normally.

    Not ready for prime time!

  • Jason Edwards

    What’s with the like button? Why does everything have to have a like button?

    Why would I be using software I didn’t like? It gets on my nerves everything asking if I like it… It’s like the internet and computers have become really unconfident and constantly in need of reassurance!