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Ribbon And Tabs In Office 2010

The main interface of Office 2010 is based on Ribbon, which consists of two types of tabs, Main Tabs and Tool tabs, each one of them contain certain options. By default almost all tabs are enabled except the Developer tab. To enable/disable a tab, go to Office Backstage(File menu), and select Options.

Now select Customize Ribbon from the left sidebar and check/uncheck the tabs that you want to enable/disable. You can also add a new tab and multiple new groups inside it. Adding commands is easy, select one and hit the Add button, just like we did in Quick Access Toolbar.

Customize Tabs and Ribbon

You can also move the position of the tabs by clicking the up/down arrow. The keyboard shortcuts to access any command can be changed as well. To import the Ribbon settings, hit the Import/Export button. Could it be any more easier than this?

Please note that Customize Ribbon is included in every Office product including Outlook 2010, Excel 2010, Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Publisher 2010, and OneNote 2010.

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  1. after creating a custom ribbon and exorting and importing on another computer, the path names in the UI file are not corrected for the new location. how can this be corrected?
    after searching for hours, this is not a new problem. who has a straight forward solution?

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