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Rise Sun – Turn Your Webcam Into Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Are you leaving your office or maybe planning to take a vacation. Security is something that everybody considers strongly. Instead of purchasing expensive video surveillance systems, you can now convert your webcam into a motion-sensing security camera without paying a buck.

Rise Sun is a free webcam motion-detecting software for Windows that can turn your computer into a video surveillance system. The motion sensing is so accurate that I couldn’t resist trying it on myself. You can manually adjust the Sensor Sensitivity, Camera Performance, and Trigger Threshold. For the program to detect the motion more accurately, you will have to set the Trigger Threshold to medium.

Note: Rise Sun for Windows has been discontinued. You can check out previously featured TeboCam and Forevid.

changing trigger threshold

In the below screenshot, no motion is taking place. Therefore, the motion detecting percentage bar is at 1%.

rise sun webcam tracking

This time I try to move my head to and fro, as you can see in the screenshot below, the motion is detected instantly and the percentage bar is shown as 77%.

rise sun webcam tracking movement

Awesome, right? And if you check the Enable Warning Trigger and Enable Auto Snapshot from the control panel on right sidebar, an alarm will go off immediately while minimizing all your applications.

motion detected screenshot

Clicking the image button on the top-right corner will show you the snapshot of the intruder or anything that was moving in front of your webcam. All logged events are displayed below the right-sidebar. To select the destination where you want to save these logged events and auto snapshots, go to Applications Settings and manually enter the location.

rise sun storage screenshot

It does not require some technical knowledge to setup, just plug-in your webcam(make sure it’s drivers are installed) and run this tool, that’s all. It works on all versions of Windows. Enjoy!


  1. very Nice indeed.But my question is this:Can i set-up more than one camera????I would like to make a motion-trigerred security system around my house.I plan connectiog it through the server i have.Off course with a large amount of usb cable :@ (This is the downside).But i would like to use more than one webcam?. I would like to know the answer to this?/
    Contact me on:sukihack@gmail.com

  2. Nice camera. We all need to be more aware of our surroundings as safety and security become more important than ever. I myself do not want to find myself a victim!

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