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RM3Full: A Simple Event Management Tool With Calendar Overview

Do you count yourself in forgetful ones who always miss out important events, such as, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and other schedules. If yes, then RMP (Remind Me Please) can lend a helping hand. It is a small reminder with lot of options & features to let you remind about an event on specified date/time. What make it distinctive from other reminder programs is neat interface & simple usage. It also contains a simple to-do list manager with an option of printing the tasks list.

All the features & options are expanded on the main interface. To start creating an event, click New Event button present at the top-left corner of the window to populate event details. Add/Edit event window contains multiple tabs to schedule event with lot of options. Under Day of week tab, select the date of event occurrence, event title with details. From lower part of the window, you can specify repetition of event (if required), set an alarm, and specify a file or sound to be played on the event date. You also have an option of categorizing event in specific category ranging from Level 1 to 10. From Monthly tab, enter date and specify month.


If you’d need to repeat the same event for number of times, you can move to Every X months, Weekly, Days X of month, and Every X days tabs respectively. Just set number of occurrences and mention month/week/day in question.


Clicking Save will create a new event & show in the Event list. You can always add and change event’s details by double-clicking the event. To-do list manager comes in handy to manage all the tasks with basic options provided such as Add, Edit, Delete and Print the task.


It also features an awesome Calendar overview. In calendar view, you can see all the existing events, navigate through months, view & print event list, etc.


Down the wire, if you will have to deal with long list of events, you can always apply a category filter. Under Edit Categories menu, from Show options, select a category to view only related events.

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As usage is simple & you don’t have to go around with too many options, getting by this application is a cinch and will certainly help you in keeping tabs on coming events & important tasks.

It runs on all Windows based OS including Windows 7. Testing was carried out on system running Windows 7 x86.

Download RMPFull Reminder

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