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Safely Carry Your Passwords & Secure Text Anywhere

Encryption is arguably the best way to keep your data secure. While it may be ideal for storing data on your hard drive or on a cloud service, what if you need to carry something around with you in a flash drive? What if you are among the forgetful ones and tend to forget passwords or other sensitive information that you often need, and want that text to remain accessible at all times? Suppose you have to carry around a list of bank account numbers, or credit card info, and want that to remain secure and private at the same time, even if you somehow lose it?

SerCrypt is a free, portable and very small utility that provides a very basic but effective functionality: keeping text secure and private. With a single executable that you can copy on any media, this tool is ideal for carrying around any private text with you at all times.


There are no installations of fancy interface. You run the executable, and if it is the first time, it will ask you for a password. Creating one will bring you to an empty text area, where you can enter as much text as you like. Behind the scene SerCrypt creates a default.bin file in the same location as where it exists, containing all the secure text encrypted with Rijndael 256 bits SHA1. Once you have entered the desired text, exit the window and your changes will be stored.

Please remember that should you forget the password for SerCrypt, there is no way to recover the lost data. You may delete the old bin file and the program will start afresh, creating a new one with a new password.


SerCrypt works with Windows 7, as we tested it. It weighs in at only 30 KB, and can be grabbed via the link below.

Download SerCrypt

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