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SageThumbs – Preview And Convert Pictures From Windows Context Menu

SageThumbs is a Windows shell extension which adds a number of useful image-related options to Windows right-click context menu, such as, previewing image in context menu (which is a similar functionality to the previously reviewed FastPreview), extended information information tips, supporting 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library, supporting additional 26 image formats via XnView plugins (if installed), and providing option to send image or thumbnail by email. You can also convert images between popular formats such as JPG, BMP and PNG in two clicks.

As SageThumbs is a shell extension, it integrates directly with Windows and adds multiple new features. For example, you can get an instant preview of an image in Windows right-click context menu (see screenshot below). Other extra features include, an option to set the selected photo as the wallpaper (stretched, titled, or centered) and conversion for images between PNG, JPG and BMP formats.

Context Menu

You can also click SageThumbs Options from right-click menu to select your desired settings. From here, you can enable/disable context menu in Explore, thumbnails in Explorer, use thumbnails as icons or cache, prefer image files embedded as thumbnails and set a custom size for them, and add support for additional file types.

SageThumbs Options

After installation, SageThumbs also display more details in image tips (as shown in the below image). The additional information includes, resolution DPI, colors (bits), compression format, and modification date.

Extra Information

SageThumbs is open source and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download SageThumbs

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