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Sanvient – A Powerful Clipboard Tool For Repetitive Text

We have covered few clipboard utilities before, they sure come handy in different circumstances but but when it comes to copying and pasting repetitive text, they do not handle it quite well. Suppose you want to paste four different words or sentences repeatedly, what will you do?

This is where Sanvient comes in. It is a powerful clipboard utility for Windows but the developer likes to call it an ‘Input Support Utility’. It not only helps the general users, but also helps the developers because it supports copy/pasting of file, regex, key, command, and scripts as well.

sanvient clipboard screenshot

Right-click the treeview window and you can add Data, Sets, Import and Export data, and access Settings.

sanvient context menu

Everytime you create a new data, it is added to the Buttons window, click the buttons and the text will be pasted instantly. This helps in pasting repetitive texts more easily.

sanvient - repetitive tool

There are various other useful features, such as apart from pasting templates text you can also paste template files, execute shell commands, execute scripts, and much more. It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Sanvient

And yes, don’t forget to watch the demo video which is available on developer’s website. Enjoy!

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