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How To Save A Map Offline In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a brand new Maps app and as you may have guessed it, it’s powered by Bing maps. The new app and the addition of this feature is great considering that it’s going to run on tablets and Bing maps isn’t that bad, right? It doesn’t cover as many places in as much detail as Google Maps does but if you live in Europe, Canada, USA, the Middle East, Australia, or the parts of Asia that are big on tourism, you will find the app is adequate enough. It has a really great feature that lets you save maps offline so that you can access them even if you aren’t connected to the internet. This isn’t some pitiful little feature that will let you save a small section of a map. Instead, you can download an entire country’s map and pursue it whenever you want. Here’s how.

Open the Maps app and go to its Settings. Select the Download or Update maps options and you will be redirected to the Settings app. The Maps section will be opened automatically and under Offline Maps, you will see all downloaded maps. If this is the first time you’re visiting this setting, no maps will be listed. Click the plus button.

win_10_maps settings

You will be presented with a list of six continents (Antarctica is not supported). Select the one where the country you want to download the map for is situated.

settings_maps select

You will then see a list of all supported countries in that continent. I hear Malaysia is a nice place to visit at any time of the year. For each country that’s supported you will be able to see how large the map data is. Select one to begin downloading it.

maps_country select

You can watch the download progress and download more maps. A map can be deleted from the Settings app and you can update it as well from the Maps’ app settings. Updating is obviously something you will need to do often since new data is added to maps frequently but for offline use, a slightly outdated map will still have utility.

maps downloading

Happy globe-trotting!


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