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Easily Save Images From Web Browsers To Predefined Folders Using Hotkeys

Ever since the first image was uploaded on to the internet in 1992, billions of images have made their way over the world wide web. Every single day, countless blogs, social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and image hosting services like Imgur, Flickr and deviantArt add to this bulk, thanks to their users uploading millions of images. Sometimes, we come across an image and like it so much that we feel like downloading it and saving it in our computer. Every browser allows you to download images by right-clicking over them and choosing the save picture option. However, if there you need to download a lot of images, for instance a complete album, you need to go over every image, right-click it and choose the save option, which can prove to be quite monotonous, tedious and time-consuming. Some websites allow you to download complete albums as zip files, but  this feature is not available on most websites and web services. Today, we present to you an AutoHotKey-based application called SavePictureAs that lets you save pictures with a hotkey, enabling you to save a lot of your time. You can specify 5 different save locations for easy management of saved files, and use different hotkeys to save the images to each of the locations.

The application is available in portable format, but requires you to set up several aspects such as the folder for storing the saved images and configuring hotkeys for activating the saving process. When you run the app for the first time, the Configure Hotkeys window will pop up, allowing you to specify hotkeys to save to your 5 favorite folders, rename last saved picture and save the picture under the mouse cursor.

Configure Hotkeys

While the app is running, you can right-click the system tray icon of SavePictureAs to change different application-related settings. You can change the default picture location, set the application to prompt for picture name each time you attempt to save an image, change the duration and position of the confirmation message, reconfigure the hotkeys etc.

SavePictureAs options

Select the Favorites Tool Bar option from the system tray menu to specify the 5 favorite folders that can be used for saving images. Once the folders and their hotkeys are configured, you can quickly switch between the target folders through hotkeys and save images to the required one.

2013-01-09 15_52_27-

Currently, the image is saved with its original name. An option to set an image naming criteria, such as including date and time with the name, can be a welcome addition to the software. SavePictureAs is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download SavePictureAs


  1. something went wrong and the picture may not have been saved
    please try again latter

    …..error showing..
    each time…

    what to do

  2. A an alternative, I use the program “Handy Folders”, which allows enhancing the system file save dialog with any set of folders I want, and can arrange them in categories, etc. Just right click, use “Save Image As” to get the enhanced dialog. Handy Folders is not free, but it is well worth the cost.

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