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Schedule Tweets And Post Them On Specified Time With Tweek Auto Post

Do you often find yourself in need of posting tweets on Twitter after a specified interval of time? Or perhaps scheduling the posting of tweets is a better idea, Tweek Auto Post does what its name says, it automates the postings of tweets. You can schedule all of your tweets to be posted, specify the time,and set up as many tweets as required.

The application usage is simple, just login with your twitter account credentials and click New Post to show a new box, where you enter a tweet and specify the time of posting it. Click Save to line up the tweet. If you need to send the post today, enable the Post option, this will queue it up in today’s posts.

Tweek Auto Post1

At the lower part of the window, you can see all the twitter account related information such as Followers, Following, Tweets, etc. Clicking the View Profile link will open the Profile adjacent to the application’s window.


The application offers easy and user-friendly interface, the way it offers to schedule the tweets is quite simple and need only 2 steps to be taken, if you’re one who is very lively on Twitter, try this application out.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Tweek Auto Post

For more, check out TweetTwain.

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