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Schirmfoto: Screenshot Taking, Editing & Sharing App With A Metro UI

Screenshot taking tools come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them provide you with a lot of options for editing the screenshots, while others provide you with a quick way to upload the image online and share it with others. We have covered numerous types of screen capturing utilities, which provide you with different sets of features to take, edit and annotate captured images, and save them to local or remote locations. Today, we stumbled across another awesome screenshot taking tool with a Metro UI design, called Schirmfoto. It allows users to quickly take screenshots, edit them, add annotations and shapes such as Text, Arrows, Rectangles, Circles, Crop images and upload them to Facebook, Twitter or Schirmfoto cloud storage directly from within the application. Keep reading to find out more about Schrimfoto.

During installation, you need to enter your name and email address in order to unlock the software. Even though, the dialog box says that you will get an email to unlock the software, we did not get one during testing. However, the software is free to use and there seem to be no limitation on any of its features even when you do not receive the “free unlock mail”..

Abelssoft - Free Registration

You can capture an image using 3 different image capturing methods. The application allows you to capture images using the system tray icon, the new icon in the title bar of app windows, or the PrintScreen key on your keyboard.

Abelssoft - Schirmfoto

Whenever you take a screenshot, the image editor pops up, allowing you to perform different actions on the image. The left side holds the editing tools including Crop, Text, Arrow, Pencil, Marker (highlighter), Black Painter, Rectangle, Circle etc. The top left side includes Save, Print and Copy to Clipboard options, while the top right corner has an option to share image on Facebook, Twitter, send image via Email and Upload it to Schirmfoto server. The bottom bar has controls to select color for Pencil, Marker and Painter and change the image zoom level.


When you upload an image on the Schirmfoto servers, it shows you a link. You can copy this link to quickly share the image with others. Moreover, you can also share the image via Twitter and Facebook.


Schrimfoto works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Schirmfoto

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