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Tibi’s Mathematics Suite Combines Scientific, Graphical, Matrix & Factorization Calculators

Some love it, most hate it and many have tried their level best to avoid it at school, but Mathematics is everywhere all around us, and there’s no escape from it in any field. Every element of the world is either based on or in some way related to numbers and mathematical calculations. Behind every piece of technology including your computer and smartphone, there are millions of calculations going on every second. While these complex, automatic calculations are handled by computers, there are many that are still needed to be done by humans, in order to create those machines. A calculator is one particular device that has helped almost everyone at some point in their lives, allowing them to perform complex calculations in a few seconds. Windows has its own calculator with basic arithmetic and scientific calculations, but it doesn’t quite cut it for more complicated ones. Tibi’s Mathematics Suite is a portable open-source application featuring a Scientific calculator, Graphical calculator, Matrix calculator and Factorizator, each with its own feature set to let you to perform complex calculations with ease.Just download and run the application once, and its icon will be added to the system tray, giving you quick access to each of its component of the application, as well as the Help and Settings section.

Tibi's Mathematical Suite System Tray

The Help menu lists all the features of the package and contains instructions on the usage, syntax and other elements of each type of calculator included.


The Settings window allows you to specify a different hotkey to quickly access each of the 4 calculators, and the help menu. To specify the hotkeys, select the calculator type from the list, click the Shortcut field, press the preferred hotkey combination and click Set.

Suite settings

Let’s take a look at the included calculators now, starting with the Scientific Calculator. The Scientific Calculator boasts a well-designed UI with the color-coded buttons organized in a way to keep related ones together. It features all the operations you would expect from any scientific calculator, including basic arithmetic operations, trigonometric and logarithmic operations, exponents and factorials, to name a few. The output is presented in a beautiful display designed to emulate the color LED display found in some expensive scientific calculators.


The Graphing Calculator lets you plot graphs for several basic as well as complex mathematical expressions. You can combine multiple graphs, specify custom range for the X and Y axis, pan to any region of the graph, and zoom in &out.

Graphing Calculator

As the name suggests, the Matrix Calculator allows you to perform operations on matrices. You can create two matrices with variable rows and columns, and perform several basic and advanced operations on them from the listed options. The output is generated instantly upon selecting the operation.

Matrix calculator

Lastly, the Factorizator allows lets you factorize any number with the click of a button. It shows you both the remainders and the divisors in separate columns, organized in the same way you used to do factorization by hand in school.


Tibi’s Mathematical Suite works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Tibi’s Mathematical Suite

[via How-To Geek]

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