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Screenstagram Is A Screensaver Made Out Of An Instagram Photo Grid

Checking out Instagram’s latest hits is, according to many, an idle task. So what better time to do that than when you’re just that – idle? Screenstagram allows you to quickly view the most popular uploads together, as many little photos on a single screen. The tiles slowly fade or slide in and out as the screensaver progresses. You can also set it to display pictures from your own Instagram feed, those with certain hashtags or all of the pictures you’ve ever liked, by signing in with your Instagram account.

Screenstagram screensaver Windows

This is, in fact, the newer version of an old idea; previous editions of Screenstagram had a bug or two that caused the tiles to fade either too slowly or too quickly, so that’s been fixed. An older version also had usernames attached to their respective photos, resulting in a crowded visual experience. Fortunately, the screensaver now has an option that allows you to hide all usernames.

After downloading the screensaver, install it by right-clicking the icon and selecting “install”.

Installing Screenstagram 2

If you just want to see what the screensaver can do, you can also choose to “Configure” or “Test” from right here without installing it. Screenstagram lines up with your other screensavers in the “Screen Saver Settings” window once you’ve installed it.

Screenstagram 2 Screen Saver Settings

To configure Screenstagram, click the “Settings” button. In the window that follows, you can connect the screensaver with your Instagram account to view photos from your personal feed.

Screenstagram 2 configuration

Other options include displaying images you’ve liked or those containing hashtags of your choice. You can, of course, choose to permanently disconnect your Instagram account from Screenstagram via the “Deauthenticate” button whenever required.

Screenstagram 2 configuration options

One thing that Screenstagram’s developers, The Barbarian Group, haven’t fixed yet is that Screenstagram works on only one screen, so if you’re a chronic multi-tasker with two or more monitors cluttering your workstation, know that displays other than your primary one will remain blank while the screensaver is running. You can choose which screen it runs on, of course, by changing your primary display.

It’s a pretty straightforward affair. But you should still keep in mind that screensavers are “prickly beasts,” according to the developers. We’re further reminded in their product FAQ that “[t]his software is offered as is, and we’re not responsible if you like destroy your computer with it or something”. In the world of sliding picture tiles, one simply can’t be too careful.

There nothing much wrong with Screenstagram, though if the tiles were a little larger and less in number than there are, it would’ve allowed for a much better viewing experience. Ideally, you should be able to toggle between different viewing settings, but this is a simple cosmetic tool by design, and quite an enjoyable one at that.

Download Screenstagram

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