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Sculptris Is A Feature-Rich 3D Sculpting Software

If you recently started to make 3D models, object shapes, faces, etc, then Sculptris may just be what you need. It is a brilliant sculpting application to create intriguingly crafted digital models. Importantly it lets you do sculpting without requiring any advanced study and significantly sharpens your creativity. It offers smooth rendering and seamless handling of models for creating 3D real-world objects.

The application includes plethora of tools, features and options to let you easily get started. The interface is user-friendly and usage complexity is relative. Once you know your area of interest, then opting required tool and using other complementary features would not more than a fun. All the tools and features are expanded over the top and left side of the window. Mouse pointer is the main player here, as rotation of 3D models, picking up tools and using features subsequently requires instant navigation. The details of brush strokes are keenly made out to apply the real world effects.

Check out a brief demonstration of sculpting a model in the video below.

The application is inspired by ZBrush that carries huge list of features and tools and considered as an eminent 3D modeling software. It is however not that much rich in features when compared to ZBrush yet hosts ample number of tools and options for creating a fascinating 3D model.

It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Sculptris

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