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SE-Explorer – Best Free Portable Alternative To Windows Explorer

SE-Explorer is quite an old file manager for Windows which you might have heard about back in 2008. What you missed are the awesome features in latest builds of this software. This tool has come a long way since what it used to be, but the overall concept and interface has remained the same.

SE-Explorer is a powerful file manager for Windows that adds Media Player, Document viewer, Photo viewer, Web browser, Size Scanner, Archive explorer, File Search, etc into one simple tool. You can change the interface from the default dual panel to classic windows explorer too, but the dual panel makes navigation much more easier. To make things more quicker, it has a unique  tabbed interface from the very beginning which gives it an advantage over over similar tools.

se-explorer main screenshot

Since I tested out the portable version of this tool, the SE-Media Player comes as a separate file where you can add all your media collection and organize them however you want.

se-media player music

Below are some screenshots of browsing the archives and photos. Did you know you can browse the various archives such as, ZIP, RAR, ISO, 7Z, MSI, CAB, etc.

se-explorer - archive view

se-explorer photos

You can find more screenshots along with the complete list if features on the developer’s website.

Download SE-Explorer

It works on all all versions of Windows. Enjoy!

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