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Search Amazon Products By Price

Amazon Search By Price is a small add-on for Firefox that lets you quickly search for any products between a specific price range. Unlike other add-ons, it is 100% accurate and doesn’t show the products that are outside the defined range.

Update: Amazon Search By Price has been discontinued. However, you can use Ookong to check price history of products and get price drop alerts from Amazon.

It adds a small dropdown menu button before the address bar so that you can quickly search for a product.

amazon search by price

Apart from the basic feature, it also includes some quick links to access various functionalities in Amazon. It doesn’t take you directly to the Amazon search page, instead it opens a Bayzaar page where you can find all the products. They are an affiliate so I have reasons believe they might be getting a commission on every purchase.

Note that while entering the minimum price and maximum price, do not enter the sign ‘$’ or it wouldn’t work. Simply enter the numbers(all prices are in $).

For more, also try out Amazanian, an online service where you can search for products that come with free online sipping. Enjoy!

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