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Search And Download Songs From Grooveshark With GrooveDown

SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader was a desktop tool we covered a while back, which essentially lets you search for songs to download from Grooveshark. GrooveDown is a similar tool with one additional song information feature and a better interface. It lets you search and download multiple songs at once, you can define how and where the song(s) will be saved and check song information by right clicking a song from the list which SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader didn’t.


If you compare it to SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader’s interface, you’ll see how GrooveDown is better; as opposed to showing the song search and the files queued for download in the same window, it separates them neatly in to two tabs. To add a song to the download list, double click it. You can download multiple songs at the same time. To remove a song from the download list, right click it and select Delete Song from list.

GrooveDown Download progress

Download progress is shown across two bars; the smaller bar shows download progress for an individual song and you can see which song is being downloaded on the thin bar at the very bottom of the window. The larger progress bar shows download progress when multiple songs are being downloaded; it indicates how much of the total download job remains. You can stop individual songs from downloading even when after download has started by right clicking it and selecting Delete Song from list.

GrooveDown Settings

You can choose how folders are created for each song; GrooveDown creates a separate folder for each song based on the album name and the song artist. Multiple songs can be downloaded and each is saved to its respective folder, it can detect if you’re downloading a song twice and removes the duplicate from the download list when you click download. You can change where songs are saved and how folders are created for each song by going to Settings.

To view song information, right click a song and select Get Song Information.

GrooveDown track info

GrooveDown is build for Windows but the developers have covered methods to make it run on both Mac and Linux.

Download GrooveDown

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